Guest Blog on KDNuggets_ Using Python and R together _ 3 main approaches

I just got published on KDNuggets for a guest blog at – I list down the reasons to moving to using both Python and R (not just one) and the current technology for the same. I think the R project could greatly benefit if the huge Python community came closer to using R language, and Python developers could greatly benefit from using R packages

An extract is here-

Using Python and R together: 3 main approaches

  1. Both languages borrow from each other. Even seasoned package developers like Hadley Wickham (Rstudio) borrows from Beautiful Soup (python) to make rvest for web scraping.Yhat borrows from sqldf to make pandasql. Rather than  reinvent the wheel in the other language developers can focus on innovation

  2. The customer does not care which language the code was written, the customer cares for insights.


To read the complete article … see

Author: Ajay Ohri

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