India used to be a Superpower but we declined. China was a superpower then it declined. So did Britain. So did Soviet Russia. The United States remains the aging Rocky Balboa of the superpowers, but you can see some decline in influence compared to when Clinton was President.

What do superpowers do?

  • They invest a lot of money in arms and defence
  • They earn a lot of money from trade so they can invest it in arms
  • They put their own interest ahead the interest of their neighbours and competitors
  • They pretend to go to war if you hurt a single citizen, but they themselves do not do much when thousands of their citizens are mal-treated by pollution, by exploitative working conditions, by small arms and guns, by crime, by inequality

Ultimately I think Switzerland is the only superpower. Their superpower lies in not pretending to be super at all.

During trade and now climate negotiations, the past and the present and the future superpowers collide. The needs of the many are more important than the egos of a few politicians , the brilliance of their advisers and the theatrics of a few.

Does the planet need a CEO? Probably yes, and the United Nations has failed to be a superpower or any power at all. It is just a conference holding organization.

The greatest generation that won Word War 2 in the West and defeated Colonialism in the East was succeeded by the Baby Boomer generation that just boomed and consumed. The next generation will pay the price of the past few generations. The country that has the best care of the next generation for a healthy productive workforce for both economic and defence deployment will win the race to be the Superbpower. Thats not a typo. Stop being a superpower and start being a superb power.

In the meantime, I would rather see Matt Damon colonize Mars and Rocky Balbao teach boxing to the nest generation.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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