Review: Spectre

Ten Reasons the new Bond Movie will be as flat as a low alcohol american beer.

  1. Bond Girls hmm- An overage Monica Belluci ( no Botox) and overcold Lea Seydoux (looking more Scandanavian than French)
  2. No good song-What a letdown after Skyfall Adele song
  3. Bad Torture Scene- I mean really computer aided torture is not so cool as waterboarding in Die Another Day. Maybe they should get Quentin to direct the torture scenes
  4. Q – Gadgets were on a budget
  5. Two Bond Villians- One has won two Oscars and was too charming in the chilling scenes. The other has played Moriarty and did not come across so cerebral here
  6. M- The new Male M actually kills with hands not brain. No no  again -a great actor frowning his eyebrows away with no depth or conviction
  7. Trying to mix politics (post Snowden) with entertainment
  8. Bad Timing – Just not relevant or tasteful post Paris (terror attacks to stage manage cooperation between allies)
  9. fourth innings for Craig- I wish he just shut up and shot. When did Bond turn from one liners to dramatic conversations
  10. weak metaphors- from the childhood connection to the Oddjob reference(?) , too many weak connections keep story tepid

Do us a favor. Fire Craig and Hire Cumberbatch for the next round.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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