How to write a better email that makes you friends

  1. Don’t write when you are angry
  2. If you wrote something when angry, don’t hit send
  3. Keep angry email in drafts folder and see it every two hours. Edit a few lines
  4. Delete each and every word that you can delete and retain coherency in email. Delete each and every recipient in cc- till you come to bare minimum of people that should be informed
  5. A smiley usually lessons tensions
  6. Never give surprises in email. Call before.
  7. Don’t use copy all . Don’t use BCC. Dont use slang.
  8. Keep it professional. Everyone is doing their job. Everyone has issues that they are fighting.
  9. Revise and Edit. Revise and Edit
  10. People who write good emails have better career progress than people who write so so emails.

Communication makes the world go round more than job performance does.  Life in unfair but thats the way it is.


Author: Ajay Ohri

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