Data Science to kill and Data science to sell

My computer science professor at University of Tennesse tried to teach me genetic algorithms. I managed to score an A thanks to the brilliance of my team member who created a genetic algorithm using C. For some reason the loveable professor had something against C ++. Real men talk to the metal using C.

Anyways the professor had this theory to say about computer science. He said computer science had two principal sources of revenue.  One is increase kill ratio. The other is to make people sing your tune.

Department of Defense consumes the maximum revenue a nation produces globally across most nations and it funds the maximum data science atleast in the USA.  Making people click you ad is the other source that data science gets funded for. Apparently there is history involved here.  The Italian navy funded Galileo’s telescope ( but stood aside when the Pope disagreed). DARPA funded the internet. Insert here- standard joke on Al Gore inventing the internet.

Principal sources of data for this signal intelligence (sigint) fueled data science comes from telecom, websites and sensors. Principal sources of analysis is actually a huge amount of reports (written on conversations with humint) that are better of  mathematically text mined but are in practice dissected one by one.

Real intelligence begins when no guns are fired. The cold war on the internet is a real threat to free internet and cyberwar is just a way to combine kill ratios for servers to data sourced from ads.

In the meantime, I prefer the maths of Good Will Hunting than the maths of Patriot Games. I prefer the music of Bourne again.



Author: Ajay Ohri

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