Web Analytics is funny statistics

I have a simple question for my Web Analytics software. I want to know who is reading what, and how much are they being impacted ?

In return my Web Analytics gives me dashboards that can be line charts, bar plots, path diagrams (including Google Analytics).

  • Some questions for my Web Analytics to answer-
  • Will it count 500 CEOs reading my blog as less significant as 5000 college students. Thats not a problem if I am on a social network or is it?
  • I get 15000 unique viewers every month . How many people is that? Does that mean the same 500 people visited every day. Does it mean every day a different 500 people visited. Yes I know Google Analytics has some kind of pie chart (horrible) split and returning and new users- but HOW MANY PEOPLE DID I reach?
  • What did they do after the read my blog? Where did they go? Google shares Adsense revenue. Can it share data too- lets call it DataSense. Even create a new internet data bureau (like we have credit data bureau for financial data)
  • How can I use the web analytics software to give me a forecast of future traffic ( by a time series plot with an added regressor of number of posts per category type ?)
  • How can I get some ANALYTICS to take a decision from the web analytics- (A Siri for Web Analytics?-  You last posted X days ago. Please consider posting. Please consider delaying posting to a more appropriate time?)
  • Is there more to life for a blogger than views and visitors. Is there some way we can measure satisfaction?
  • Is there a SEO penalty for boasting on blog traffic boasting when meeting another blogger. Is there a SEO incentive for openly sharing your web statistics
  • Can Google Analytics give a big data dump for open data analytics (sigh). Can you use custom JS libraries for making your own dashboard with GA

Screenshot from 2015-10-22 08:01:27

Author: Ajay Ohri


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