R Users Group in India

In 2012, I created the New Delhi R Users Group.  Apart for a brief 5 month stint in which I was in Canada and handed over the organization to some others, I had been nurturing it for almost three years.  With 676 users, and 38 meetups done , I think it is a somewhat reasonable success. Since I have now moved my base to Mumbai, I accordingly have transitioned it to someone else, and left the group.

Yesterday I met  the organizers and members of the Mumbai R Users Group

It was a great forum, very well organized in Xavier’s College of Management and a balanced mix of students, industry people and experts were there. I have been hesitant to join other meetups in India before (though I did my share of non tech meetups in Canada). I am happy to say it was totally worth my time and effort to travel to this beautiful hundred-year-old college and meet the best of RUsers in Mumbai who champion R with zero corporate support in India, and yet have a dream to offer data science consulting and products via open source. The speakers were mature, experienced and knowledgeable and the audience was intelligent, responsive and thirsty for R.

Mumbai will be an interesting place for R and other data science languages to grow.

Mazel Tov Mumbai!

Screenshot from 2015-10-11 09:25:00

Author: Ajay Ohri


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