Indian Culture and Indian Startups

Some things unique to Indian Startups-

1) Meet my Co Founder is my relative– Indian Startups tend to have more relatives as co founders than American startups I have seen. American founders do hire relatives as early employees but that is much more less than in India.

Basically this is because Indian culture values family over business. Also this is because family members can be trusted more in our society than friends (see below)

2) Payment is delayed , Boss– One common excuse startups face in India and sometimes contribute to is delaying payments , invoices and promised monetary benefits.

Basically this is because Indian culture values honesty over money

3) Follow up – Send an email. Then send whatsapp. Then call. Then meet. Mostly over things that were committed verbally or orally by or to a tech startup in India.

Basically this is because Indian  culture values communication and interaction over honesty

4) Stock options are in the mail– Indian startup employees are promised stock options on day 1 but they will always be ready next year. American Startups either dont promise anything or they they give you a contract on it

Basically this is because Indian  culture values entrepreneurship over employment

5) SarkaarThere is no Govt in technology startups- This is laissez faire or pure capitalism. No govt to protect you and no govt to help you. Republican Americans should take note.

Basically this is because Indian  Government  values technology corporations over technology entrepreneurship because technology corporations lobby them better than technology entrpreneurs. This is quite exactly the same as America

Basically, in both American and Indian startup culture- money talks, and cash is king.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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