USA versus China : The start of the cyber cold war

Just like the 4 decade long detente when an Iron Curtain shut down most of East Europe for the rest of humanity, an Iron Firewall extends over the largest citizenry of a nation on this planet. This has led to a situation where China is a free member of the WTO and can take part in the bricks and mortar commercial space of everybody else but shutting down its own online businesses to its own control and preferences.

On the other hand, the increasing skirmishes between USA and China in Cyber Conflict could boil down to simple immigration. The USA has been the leading center of global innovation simply because it got the best cherry picked immigrants of Europe and Asia, beating Germany , Japan and even Russia at global supremacy. China’s lack of efforts to attract diversity of minds and perspectives to its own borders means it is simply going to lack of hacktivists, cyber warriors and allies in the cyber cold war.

Allies win wars. Just like catches win matches.


Author: Ajay Ohri

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