KDnuggets Poll -Is Rapid Miner 3 times more used as SAS

16th annual KDnuggets Software Poll continued to get huge attention from analytics and data mining community and vendors, attracting about 2,800 voters, who chose from a record number of 93 different tools.



What seems a rather disquieting sampling error-

RapidMiner remains the most popular suite for data mining/data science, but it got fewer votes than last year


The top 10 tools by share of users were

  1. R, 46.9% share ( 38.5% in 2014)

  2. RapidMiner, 31.5% ( 44.2% in 2014)

  3. SQL, 30.9% ( 25.3% in 2014)

  4. Python, 30.3% ( 19.5% in 2014)

  5. Excel, 22.9% ( 25.8% in 2014)

  6. KNIME, 20.0% ( 15.0% in 2014)

  7. Hadoop, 18.4% ( 12.7% in 2014)

  8. Tableau, 12.4% ( 9.1% in 2014)

  9. SAS, 11.3 (10.9% in 2014)


I really dont think Rapid Miner has three times SAS users. I have no doubts on the credibility of the poll but there seems either sampling bias or something plain wrong here


and 44.2 % of users used Rapid Miner last year ( I dont think one in two data miners uses Rapid Miner)

So there is some error here- or maybe different ways of counting a user or not!!

Author: Ajay Ohri


2 thoughts on “KDnuggets Poll -Is Rapid Miner 3 times more used as SAS”

  1. Well, rapid miner actively recruits its user base to go out and vote in this particular poll, so its clear in voluntary polling that leads to bias in the tesults.

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