Stupid Emails from CEOs

  • We have 2o million in funding so work with us, can we pay you 25,ooo (or 400 $) to build a model for predicting influence score within social networks which we will patent
  • We have 20 million in funding so work with us, can we pay you 100,000 ( or 1600 $) to build a model to get healthcare score, which we will not even attribute to you as inventor
  • i am an advisor to this company and can get lots of millions of dollars in funding can i pay you in stock options
  • wow can u just give me 20 minutes of your time which I wont pay for, so I can decide analytics strategy
  • what is the difference between SAP and SAS
  • can we copy existing algorithms in R but make a slight modification and make them proprietary and patent them
  • we dont have any data, cant we just make an algorithm first
  • can we patent a regression model
  • i have 10 years experience in hadoop. lets make a virtual machine for R and R Studio separately which we can install on desktop. basically a 2gb download for a 100 mb software.

falls down. lies very very still.


Author: Ajay Ohri

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