Things I wonder about

  1. Why humans need one set of accommodation to live in, another to work in, and a third to relax in. It seems we are using three times the number of buildings we should be using.
  2. Why can’t analytics measure the cost to environment (not just carbon output) in any product and service?
  3. What prevents a global effort for analytics  against corruption ?
  4. Why open source software underestimates the need of marketing and why proprietary software companies underestimate the need for open sourcing at least a small part of their extensive portfolio?
  5. Why is education and training still so expensive in the era of MOOCs and Internet and Skype?
  6. Why are expensive textbooks (and books and newspapers) still being printed on paper?
  7. Why does it take 15 minutes to set up the projector before any presentation despite the advances in technology?
  8. Why can’t I just 3D print most of my wardrobe and my gadgets?
  9. When will we have virtual reality movies?
  10. Why software companies focus on creating more and more languages, rather than use machine learning to create a language 1 to language 2 translator. How about a Google/Bing Translate for Computer Languages?
  11. Why they do a lot of checking for giving me a credit card but not so much checking for giving me a gun in the USA? Why do 2 billion Indians and Chinese put up with corruption ? Why do Europeans work so few hours and Asians so many?
  12. Why people who write packages in open source make less money than people who write apps for mobiles?
  13. When can software startups  focus on job search and dating search as the real problems humans care for- not just website search?
  14. Why is there a digital divide and what a donation of 1000,000 phablets in poor countries to kids can do for the future?
  15. When will we start consuming smarter rather than just less or more to heal climate change?

But mostly I am thinking of this?  aYpYmWV_700b1-560x559Happy New Year. Stay Awesome and Classy

Author: Ajay Ohri

One thought on “Things I wonder about”

  1. I really don’t like to say. “the libertarians are right!” but about, somethings, they are. About this: “What prevents a global effort for analytics against corruption?” There are all sorts of rules and regulations, and basic ethics, already in place, to stop corruption. We don’t need analytics; instead, we need people in positions of power to behave themselves more often. More rules and regulations will just be evaded by greedy, immoral people.

    The financial crisis in 2008 got blamed on S&P and credit rating agencies. Meanwhile, everyone else has kept on doing what they were doing, and nothing has changed, structurally, yet it is now 2015! Analytics won’t make it easier to prosecute corruption. We already know how to do it now, but it isn’t done because people in power would be negatively impacted financially. Dodd-Frank was drafted, then defanged so that it is burdensome without substantively remediating risky financial practices. Rules don’t work if people refuse to cooperate, always thinking in the shiort-term, rather than creating enduring economic value for the greater good of their family/ community/ industry.

    MOOCs were not the answer. Truly, you don’t get a “world-class education” from listening to a Stanford professor with AV or Skype. You get it from someone local who is competent and qualified.

    Textbooks don’t need to be electronic. Instead, Thomas’s ‘Calculus’ can be re-used for 20 years rather than publishing a new edition every year and professors requiring students to pay a fortune to use the latest edition. Very few textbooks need to be published so often, maybe none.

    Happy New Year in 2015, Ajai. May it bring you luck and good fortune.

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