ggvis is awesomeness personified #rstats


Hu ha! Latest sexy software from our man Dr Hadley Wickham and his ninjas at RStudio. Now YOU can make a Business Intelligence software for FREE. How good is it? time will tell if someone can use it to give Tableau Software and Qlikview a run for the money

Seriously- I would like to see ONE implementation of RHadoop and Shiny with ggplot2 and d3

(Big data analytics indeed 😉 )



ggvis is a data visualization package for R which lets you:

  • Declaratively describe data graphics with a syntax similar in spirit to ggplot2.
  • Create rich interactive graphics that you can play with locally in Rstudio or in your browser.
  • Leverage shiny’s infrastructure to publish interactive graphics usable from any browser (either within your company or to the world).

The goal is to combine the best of R (e.g. every modelling function you can imagine) and the best of the web (everyone has a web browser). Data manipulation and transformation are done in R, and the graphics are rendered in a web browser, using Vega. For RStudio users, ggvis graphics display in a viewer panel, which is possible because RStudio is a web browser.

Please note that the API has changed significantly between ggvis 0.1 and 0.3. Documentation for the old version is here.

Screenshot 2014-06-25 21.07.50

Author: Ajay Ohri

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