Price of Analytics Education from Indian Service Providers

This is an unedited list of education providers from India, with both classroom and online trainings. 1$ =55Rs. The list will be updated as and when changes occur or when a reader suggests. I will only be putting prices that can be referenced via a URL. Also later I will try and create an index to track prices. Because I have had relationships with a lot of people in Indian Analytics- I will try and put this in a Google Docs spreadsheet.

The basic template will  be

  • Service Provider-
  • Location-.
  • Type -Online /Classroom
  • URL (reference)
  • Dated-
  • Screenshot-


  • Service Provider-Venturesity
  • Location-Bangalore
  • Type -Classroom
  • URL (reference) -
  • Dated-11 June 2014
  • Screenshot-Screenshot 2014-06-11 12.23.59


Author: Ajay Ohri

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