How to defeat machine learning with human creativity?

I look around and I see myself surrounded by people promising a new dawn of a glorious civilization by machine learning, with perfect data capture, incredible computational and remorseless algorithms crunching to give you a glimpse of the future. Some even say a few billion here and there and you could approach a new singularity in time.
So I wonder, and I wonder, if the human race , particularly the common man, the plebians, ever stand a chance against the machine learning plutocrats.
And I am heartened by that old friend of mankind, the sheer elegant romance of random number creation.And of tools like sarcasm, and implied association using lingustic tools that no database can capture.Of for some more randomness, more romantic entropy, onwards to a brave new utopian internet in an increasingly dystopian world.
Quo Vadis, Brutus? Quo Vadis, indeed!!

Author: Ajay Ohri

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