I am too old to do my coding homework #rstats

an email I get from a student when i am teaching R



Hello Ajay,

This is regarding the “XXXXXXXXX” course at EEEE.  Since you mentioned yesterday that submitting the class assignments is mandatory for everyone, I have to express my concern.
I am a senior level BI/DW Architect and executive in the U.S. and approaching the age of 60 years soon close to my retirement).  I have been away from hands on coding for many years now since I always have developers working for/with me who implement the solutions I envision, architect and design (although I have programmed in a variety of platforms for decades before that).  As such, completing programming assignments is not the best use of my time currently due to my professional priorities, business travel and other personal issues including my health, etc.  Hence it is not possible for me to submit the class assignments.  (I chose this class for its timing convenience and remote access form anywhere because I travel a lot and can’t take in-class courses).
My goal in attending this class is to get a good understanding of how R and its statistical tools are used for business analytics.  I know exactly what I need to learn from this class such that I can drive my R / BI developers in the right direction for my intended solutions.  I should mention that I have good college background in Statistics and have used SAS and SPSS before.
As such, I need to have an agreement with you that I will not have to submit the class assignments.  I will sincerely try to solve them mentally to clearly understand the solution but do not have the time to invest in the coding part and struggle with the R syntax.  It would help me (and others) tremendously if you walk through the assignment solutions during each following class.  That would solidify our leanings.
Let me know via reply  if you can give me this exception.  Otherwise, I am willing to drop out of the course and will take that up with the EEE management.

Author: Ajay Ohri


One thought on “I am too old to do my coding homework #rstats”

  1. He should fail based on that email. He’s been away from programming long enough that his knowledge is worthless if he thinks you can learn about a programming language without programming.

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