The Seven C’s of Viral Content -What makes content viral online?


Definition-(of an image, video, piece of information, etc.) circulated rapidly and widely from one Internet user to another.

  1. Channels– Some content goes viral on some particular channels (like 4chan, or Tumblr) while gets ignored on other social media channels
  2. Content  – the type of content should match the audience type (technical or non technical) and channel used for dissemination (like Pinterest or Tumble for images)
  3. Celebrity– Getting a celebrity (say with high enough influence score) endorsement greatly helps viral content to reach beyond initial network
  4. Credibility   or Network Effects- People find it easier to like or share content which is already proved to be a viral content or beyond a certain threshold.  Some people would like the content if it already is very successful.
  5.   Customers  -Content consumers can be influencers, sharers, innovators, or passive. It is critical to meet a certain threshold of certain customer types to hit viral counts.
  6. Context– One man’s viral content is another man’s spam.
  7.  Circulation – How easy is it to circulate the content? to share it or show appreciation? to add customized comments? This affects viral nature- though it is mostly a function of hosting website than the content itself

\bonus the 8th C – Cuteness and Catiness – On the internet cute babies and cats rule in a duo-poly


Author: Ajay Ohri

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