Misconceptions and Fallacies in Analytics Education in India

  1.  Teaching a software and labeling it as analytics education- Some examples are Teaching Analytics with MS Excel (a spreadsheet software) , or Teaching a Statistics or Optimization syllabus and tagging it as Business Analytics.
  2. Promise to teach language X but use cheaper software Y– Examples can be offering to teach SPSS language but using the open source equivalent PSPP
  3. Overcharge for a day or two’s workshop- Albert Einstein could not learn a computer language in 3 days he could just get the basics. Anything priced above 500 $ and less than 4 days training is a simple effort to fool you you are getting your much more than your money’s worth.
  4. Extend training to more than 2 months and then overcharge– This is a failure unless done by an accredited college
  5. Freebies– There is no free lunch. Overcharging and giving a discount is a standard marketing malpractice.
  6. Brand Associations– Brand X is well known but has no credentials in Analytics. So it ties up with a couple of analytics consultants and launches a certificate or certification or diploma program in analytics. Unfortunately this extends to the very very best of Indian education.
  7. Hidden costs also known as We are cheap because we are in India-  Analytics software costs almost the same through out the world ( I did propose a PPP method for pricing software differently). Anyone offering discount because of geography is selling you a bridge in Nigeria or a million dollars in Iraq.
  8. Self Paced Learning-Learn Online for Fee- or Free- No, learning needs interaction and instructors- otherwise all universities in the worlds would have moved the professors to research (?) and offered videos to the students for self learning
  9. Better Much Better Support- Some analytics providers aim to distinguish themselves by saying we give better support. Yet their support team is hidden and mostly the instructor giving support. The best solution is to publish members of support team names as is done in support services industry.

These are personal observations and may or may not be true to every organization. All opinions are mine only.

Author: Ajay Ohri


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