Top Fourteen Interfaces in Social Media and Web Analytics on the Internet

Gurus like  this   and  this should me but I think something is rotten in the state of analytics data visualizations on the web.

  • Facebook Page Insights- Cool Viz- Blue Line Graphsfacebook page insights
  • WordPress prefers bar plots and spatial analysis (if only minimal)
    wp viz
  •  Google Activity Dashboard prefers Tufte (?) . No it just shows fonts, and even a (gasp) pie chart.
    google stats
  • Scribd prefers  —yes tables and line graphs rule
    scribd stats
  • Slideshare Stats are a pro feature (!) . Free features are a table– sigh
    slideshare analytics
  • LinkedIn – was a pioneer but now  

li stats 1

  • Linkedin Groups viz
    li stats groups
  • Quora Stats – hmm
    quora stats
  • My Anti Virus still likes doughnuts
  • OFFICIAL Twitter Analytics

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Author: Ajay Ohri

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