Data Science Hype Bubble


  1. People selling business analytics software claim business analytics will solve everything for your business (including world peace and hunger if the govt chooses)
  2. People selling business analytics training claim there is a big shortage of analysts/data scientists and getting those skills will give you job and eternal bliss ( but in obtuse language to prevent lawsuits)
  3. People selling consulting services claim software (see 1) is incredibly difficult to customize without their help
  4. Everyone is charging money which is expensive without any transparency on why it is priced so. What are your costs etc?
  5. Everyone has a few shiny testimonials on their website. This is very confusing. How can everyone be equally good.
  6. The credit rating agencies of Data science world are as corrupted and prone to influence as the credit rating agencies of the financial world (Enough said, Gideon!)
  7. Pricing in data science solutions, products and services is like this- my website is better than that competitor website /blog so if he charges X let me charge X +dx
  8. Even companies that began with grand visions of revolution and changing the world slowly upped their price  of both software and training
  9. White papers in data science is a declining but still robust industry. The latest thing in data science- SLICK BLOGS by smart looking people
  10. No one bothers to explain total cost of ownership or total return on investment on data science and analytics. Very surprising, since every one is a quantitative expert and these two metrics should bother the dear beloved end customer the most
  11. I have seen some hype bubbles ( yes I am 36 years old) Business Intelligence- Business Analytics- Data Science- Big Data… What is the next big buzzword
  12. Everyone is selling webinars for free. There is no free lunch. Why are there free webinars.
  13. How I can go from unpaid blogger to paid webinar guru— test my hypothesis (thinks a lot of people everyday)
  14. Somewhere in a West Coast college dormitory or an Eastern Eurpean garage, some geeks are plotting the next data revolution. You have been warned.
  15. How many bums must one guy kiss to get invited to conferences
  16. In the age of skype, and video conferencing- why do you need a conference. oH right- thats another side industry too.
  17. The more billions a software company makes in analytics, the more haters it gets!
  18. 123,000 bloggers think they can run Google better than Eric Schmidt. Includes two.

ps- Sarcasm was totally unintentional. Direct all malevolence here

Author: Ajay Ohri

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