SAS Institute continues to lose training revenue as WPS clones use “language of SAS” loophole

Apparently, in Asia companies have been able to offer and advertise SAS Training , by inserting the language of SAS cleverly, hiding the disclaimers in the website map maze, an reassuring students that they can get jobs even in bonafide SAS Institute licenses client locations by defacto learning “the SAS language” without paying for the expensive SAS licensing.

This marks a double blow for the Institute , as one one hand WPS licensing erodes its margin by competitive discounting. On the other hand the lucrative SAS Language Training (and publishing) market is decimated in emerging market economies by SAS language clones.

I write this in dismay as I was one of the original authors of this article which was even referred to in the WPS judgement ( the edit history is even more fascinating if you want to see it!!)

Students, if you wanna learn SAS or language of SAS – do refer to this.


Anything else is a legal grey area compounded by the curious  shyness of SAS legal to defend a 40 year old venerated analytics brand, by ceding ground through out the world and across domains

A simple analysis of Web logs in SAS Online Doc would prove how this is exploited even by sellers of SAS language clone software.

As the difference in SAS and WPS pricing is compounded on server licenses, companies in Asia have found the best thing to do is get a WPS server license and in fact offer it for training (or analysis) like a time shared cloud solution to multiple customers at the same time

It is an interesting thing to watch- because SAS Institute remains one of the lost holdouts on the West Coast to the Stanford mafia.

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Author: Ajay Ohri

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