Planet Python #python #analytics

Planet Python is an excellent site for people keeping an eye on Python – you can grab the Feedburner RSS feed here

With almost 300 plus feeds flowing in, this is the Pythonic version of R Bloggers (with hat tip to R bloggers founder, Tal G for pointing me to this site). Note I have written before on FOAS   and it’s Pythonic counterpart NumFocus – those are basically foundations  for encouraging language development and usage while Planet Python and R bloggers are blog aggregators

The Planet Python site has no ads, and is actually supported by the Python Official Website. It also has an OPML feed in case you want to replicate it easily –

However the lack of ads is a dual edged sword as it hurts startups, corporates and trainers in the Python ecosystem. Also there seems no easy way to get the newsletter in a daily email.

Do you blog on, write on or read Python- here is Planet Pythonpy


  • For bloggers- To request addition or removal:
    e-mail planet at (note, responses can take up to a few days)

Author: Ajay Ohri

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