Game Review: Ingress Calgary versus Ingress Delhi

  1. I apologize in advance to non gaming readers of this blog.
  2. I have written about Ingress before here
  3. I am also experimenting with a new way of writing- in bullet points than in paragraphs.
  4. Huge number of portals in downtown Calgary compared to Delhi
  5. Huge number of mind units in Delhi/ India- just made a field with 220 K MUs which is impossible to make or hold in Calgary 13 - 1 (1)
  6. The smurfs have beaten the frogs in submission in Delhi, with the ability to put up giant 50 million MUs almost at will
  7. Complete domination in one area leads to boring play for everyone especially for fields that are huge
  8. Very tough to see the roads etc in a quadruple layer blue field as was the case for last two weeks in Delhi
  9. Easily the least number of AP I have been scoring since I began playing 5 months ago.
  10. To my surprise , Ingress keeps rejecting things like Transit stations etc. There seems to be a different strict criterion in different countries in accepting portals. Maybe this is due to bandwidth constraint since Ingress is totally free as to the best of my knowledge.
  11. I still dont know how Ingress makes money but yeah the geo-game-play data would be awesome for simulations!
  12. The new stats in Agent tab are good, but maybe some graphs can help
  13. On a LG phone , Ingress fonts are bloated
  14. Heaven is a good and cheap data plan on your phone and a great Metro system to transport you to portal glory without wasting much time
  15. Delhi has a tonne of history. Pity not so many portals!


Author: Ajay Ohri

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