Things I wish I could Classify — by better and easier Machine Learning

  1. Web Analytics- Which customers are likely to convert and didnt. Which customers are not likely to stay and do. More analytics added to Google Analytics like Web Analytics
  2. Web Analytics Time Series models- web analytics is TS data. More forecasts. Automated Error detection and correction in forecasts
  3. Data Cleaning and Quality- Something like Google Refine (or open refine ) added before every Machine Learning Classification system I see. or software I see.
  4. More API integration- for data from the web, to classification models to the web
  5. Financial Data – Better interfaces and easier analytics. Every Financial Data is basically adding to a classification – Buy Sell Hold.
  6. Sentimental Analysis for the People- Easier to integrate Blog Data (though GA api) and Social Media Data (twitter , google plus, facebook APIs) to give user analytics of his own reputation across multiple social networks.
  7. Dating Website Recommendation Systems

These are a few of my favorite things…that I wish I could classify

And some military spying alogirthms that I wish they de classify because everyone has them- so they can show better ads, or build better internet connected night vision Glasses


Author: Ajay Ohri

2 thoughts on “Things I wish I could Classify — by better and easier Machine Learning”

  1. Would you mind to expand on topic 1? I don’t quite undesrtand what ou can and you can’t do now. Are you saying you can’t do with standard Google Analytics, but can with, say, R, or you can’t do it even with R?

    1. more predictive analytics not just descriptive analytics is needed in GA. I can use the GA API to pull in data within R for time series forecasting, but ideally I would like the forecasting as well as scoring functions within Google Analytics (GA)
      Another thing is to classify likely customers (hot leads) versus not likely customers (cold leads) for e-stores or goals – this is not done in GA
      The last is of course association analysis or recommendation systems

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