BigML goes on hyperdrive- exciting new features

Some changes in whose CEO I have interviewed here

Thier earlier innovation in making a market place for models (like similar market place for apps) was written about here

I like the concept of BigMLer a command line tool

New changes are-

1) Text Analysis now available- It seems like rudimentary tdm (term document matrix) but I have yet to test it whether I can do clustering within text data too

2) A Cloud Server called BigML Predict Server- making adoption faster due to  data hygiene for sensitive industries like finance etc

3) Confusion Matrix – to evaluate- a long overdue step . Maybe some curves should be added to evaluation here 😉

4) Misc technical upgrades- that are more complex to execute and less interesting to write about

  • multi label classification
  • secret urls for sharing models (view model only not data)
  • export to MS Excel ( maybe add Google docs export ?)
  • etc

Overall , with the addition of training courses as well- this is a new phase in this data science startup that I have been tracking for past few years.


Author: Ajay Ohri

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