Thoughts on Soft Ware and Soft Vapour

  1. Interfaces for software, hardware,design and products evolve as technology enables better materials and more efficient consumption. The basic handicap though remains that humans do not evolve, at least not noticeable to themselves

  2. Human psychology continues to play a key role in marking success and failure of technological adoption. This includes the paradigms of loss aversion and being prone to logical fallacies in arguments put forward in advertising by fellow humans.

  3. What is easier? To create a better machine for a man. To train a man to be better at the machine. Often it is a mixture of both. Both have multiple costs and benefits to various agency players including incumbent corporations , challenger innovators, countries, regions and trade zones and environment.

  4. The practice of shipping code with an impatience of making up metrics alongside evolving industries causes dishonesty among interested stakeholders

  5. There are some things that can not be explained unless the receiver is trained to think along different paradigms than he has been used. The altered state of consciousness however is almost never credibly reversible.

  6. Information processing is the drug, not information itself.

  7. A Feedback loop is simple to construct with the results and errors flowing into inputs and next iteration processing. A Feedback loop is tough to sell to your own team , sometimes! Feedback loops are also inevitably gamed sometimes! By people of course



Author: Ajay Ohri

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