Websites for Artists

Here is some work I have been doing on a non-profit basis for painters and artists. Most of them are very creative , but especially the smaller artists need help with making a showcase website for their art. This is also a much more professional option than Tumblr for Websites.

  1. Create a account for the artist
  2. Encourage the artist to take the 18$/per year for custom domain name
  3. Exmplain how you login to with the username and password you created in step1
  4. Bulk Upload their high quality images in the Dashboard > Media > Add New
  5. Chose a theme like because it showcases art work from several posts on the front page
  6. Create a different post  for each painting. At bottom right of the post- set Featured Image. Insert Art work from Add Media button on top> from Media Gallery
  7. Change the About Page by WordPress to add contact details of gallery and information about artist so customers can buy the art
  8. Publish the Website for that painter

Some Websites I have created in less than hour each for artists, for free , are below





Screenshot from 2013-09-26 18:04:48

Screenshot from 2013-09-26 18:04:34

ps- It ‘s also a great way to help your local art community and meet interesting people 🙂

pps- If you dont really like WordPress also check out Wix at

Author: Ajay Ohri

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