Interview -Dr Eric Siegel Author Predictive Analytics

Here is an interview with Dr Eric Siegel, founding chair of Predictive Analytics Conference and author of the recent bestseller in analytics, Predictive Analytics.

Ajay- What has been the response to your book

Eric- Since its launch in February, Predictive Analytics has held the #1 bestseller slot in two Amazon categories (planning & forecasting and econometric) and I have been gratified to see it receive positive reviews ( Amazon readers have mostly rated it 5 stars; the inevitable tail of negative reviews have almost all been from more technically inclined readers looking for a “how to” or more mathematical book. (They bought the wrong book and blame the book!) I’ve found most such readers are more than capable of understanding – after a few minute conversation – that there’s a place in the world for a book about their field written for a broader readership (I explain this here: 5 reasons the book matters to experts –, and in fact the industry overview, new case studies, and treatment of uplift modeling is often of great interest to even senior hands-on experts.
Ajay- You lead an extremely busy life with conferences travel and consulting. Do you plan to write another book and on what topic?
Eric- It’s likely to be a long while, since Predictive Analytics achieved my goal to introduce the field, provide a broad industry overview, and cover the advanced topics that interest me most (in a conceptual manner, but with copious citations for the more technical readers to drill down further). My attention now turns back to improving and broadening the coverage of Predictive Analytics World conference agendas (
In the meantime, I’d suggest readers check out Kaiser Fung’s new book Numbersense, as well as forthcoming books from Dean Abbott.
Ajay- How do you think PAW has positively impacted the Analytics fraternity through the world.
Eric- The conference has been a central place to engender and catalyze positive industry movement. Predictive Analytics World covers all the bases for both expert practitioners as well as newcomers. As the universal, cross-vendor meeting place that brings together the who’s who of predictive analytics, PAW presents not only unique opportunities to gain knowledge, but the industry’s premier networking event.
Eric Siegel, Ph.D., founder of Predictive Analytics World and Text Analytics World, and Executive Editor of the Predictive Analytics Times, makes the how and why of predictive analytics understandable and captivating. In addition to being the author of Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die, Eric is a former Columbia University professor who used to sing to his students, and a renowned speaker, educator, and leader in the field.
Both Predictive Analytics Conference and Dr Eric have been supporters of this website for past three years

Author: Ajay Ohri

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