New Delhi R User Group and other thoughts

  1. The New Delhi R User group co-founded by me in 2011 now has 111 members , 5 organizers (including the now Canada exiled me) and two sponsors including Revolution Analytics (meetup fees) and Mimir Technologies (location ,office and refreshments) with almost 7-8 successful meetups.
  2. Despite the high fees of (converted in Indian rupees) , New Delhi continues to stick to it, thanks to Revolution’s generous support.
  3. UseRs continue to be of wide diversity including expatriate Americans, Doctors, Researchers, Analysts, IT people
  4. I am hoping more people in India create local R groups in other cities
  5. I hope someone comes up with a non-spam, non expensive option to which is not really an open platform (not really FOAS)
  6. The quality of technology and speed at which New Delhi users continue to pick and spread R amazes me.
  7. Fun Fact- India has largest number of analytics professionals certified in SAS language a fact that has been noticed by SAS clone WPS which is the option of choice for third party training institutes undercutting the SAS Institute itself on pricing while teaching SAS language.
  8. Funny Facts- I have kickstarted R language programs for two institutes in India- but am still searching for a better and cheaper alternative to Coursera (hands off) training, and Online (paid and support) training. Is there any FOAS training in R which offers tutoring as well? I have tried SageBourse- again with mixed results. It worked better for SAS language queries. I am loath to open my own training business as it takes time away from my writing.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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