Running R through environments in PiCloud

PiCloud had an interesting announcement, they support non-Python things in custom environments, but R is pre-built in a new Base Environment.

Enter Ubuntu Precise 12.04

Our latest environment is pre-configured with many of the latest libraries, making it easier than ever to move your computation to the cloud. Here are some of the notable packages:

  • NumPy 1.6.2
  • SciPy 0.11
  • Pandas 0.9.0
  • Scikits Learn 0.8.1
  • OpenCV 2.4.2
  • Java 7
  • R 2.14.1
  • Ruby 1.9.1
  • PHP 5.3.10

. To use Precise, specify the environment of a job as ‘base/precise’. In Python:

1, _env='base/precise')

Author: Ajay Ohri

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