Who made Libre Office






513 individuals contributed to OpenOffice.org (and whose contributions were imported into LibreOffice) or LibreOffice until 2011-11-11 09:02:38.

Developers committing code since 2010-09-28

Ruediger Timm
Commits: 89832
Joined: 2000-10-10
Kurt Zenker
Commits: 32763
Joined: 2000-09-25
Oliver Bolte
Commits: 31795
Joined: 2000-09-19
Vladimir Glazunov
Commits: 30289
Joined: 2000-12-04
Jens-Heiner Rechtien [hr]
Commits: 29314
Joined: 2000-09-18
Ivo Hinkelmann
Commits: 10228
Joined: 2002-09-09
Caolán McNamara
Commits: 5952
Joined: 2000-10-10
Frank Schoenheit [fs]
Commits: 5019
Joined: 2000-09-19
Hans-Joachim Lankenau
Commits: 3077
Joined: 2000-09-19
Ocke Janssen [oj]
Commits: 2861
Joined: 2000-09-20
Mathias Bauer
Commits: 2606
Joined: 2000-09-20
Oliver Specht
Commits: 2458
Joined: 2000-09-21
Philipp Lohmann [pl]
Commits: 2132
Joined: 2000-09-21
Tor Lillqvist
Commits: 2035
Joined: 2010-03-23
Stephan Bergmann
Commits: 1993
Joined: 2000-10-04
Christian Lippka ORACLE
Commits: 1811
Joined: 2000-09-25

We do not distinguish between commits that were imported from the OOo code base and those that went directly into the LibreOffice code base as:
a) it is technically not possible to distinguish between commits that go directly into the LibreOffice code base and commits that were merged in from the OpenOffice.org code base, and
b) contributers to the OOo code base should also be credited for the excellent work they do.

Do note that LibreOffice is divided into 20 git repositories. Pushing a change into all repositories will be counted as 20 commits as there is no way to distinguish this from 20 separate commits.

Total contributions to the TDF Wiki

1223 individuals contributed:

Author: Ajay Ohri


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