Google Chrome introduces in-browser ads

Just saw a text ad on my chrome browser. Not a website just the browser.

Text ads courtesy Google Chrome.

No matter what website you go- well who has the browser can show you ads. I am glad the decade long stint of browsers as a sink hole for free stuff is going to go away soon.


Now if Microsoft comes up with in-Desktop Ads and slices the prices it would be fun.

Holiday season starts early!



Author: Ajay Ohri

2 thoughts on “Google Chrome introduces in-browser ads”

  1. Not a good thing, you can see the ads everywhere, now even in the browser. Is there any way to block these ads or block them?
    If browser add Webkit engine, will they also get these ads? I’m curious. I’m now using Avant browser and chrome, and Avant plans to add Webkit engine, I don’t want the ads be added too.

    1. oh I like ads especially if they lower the cost of owning new software. as long as i have a choice- yup ads are good, expensive software is not, choices are even better.

      does the internet need a privacy bureau ? just like credit bureaus for financial data..

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