Color of Statistics

A short analysis on the ASA Directory at


There are 15904 Total Members out of which if broken done by Race/Color

  • 172 Minority Statisticians
  • 68 Black
  • 12 Hispanic (this looks too less so I suspect the directory is incomplete)

Even optimistically the color of statisticians is overwhelmingly as follows (assuming that minority data is under counted by 10X- so multiplying the minority data by 10 and then taking percentage)

89 % White

4 % Black and

7% Non Black Minorities (presumably Indian, Chinese, Hispanic).

I tried to find some statistics on fresh maths/stats graduates by race but did not find some. Surely this calls for some thought ? 😉

Author: Ajay Ohri

2 thoughts on “Color of Statistics”

  1. Of course, there are Hispanic statisticians in South America, but here in the U.S., I know I am not the only one but I have met very, very few. In fact, I only remember two other than me.

    As far as the clients I meet as a consultant, I have not yet met any Hispanic faculty members or graduate students in statistics, although I do know some in related fields, e.g., public policy analysis.

    I know my own experience is a far cry from a random sample, but since I worked as a consultant for > 20 years and attend a fair number of conferences I think I would be MORE likely to meet statisticians than others. How precisely accurate your data are I cannot say but I am certain the number of Hispanic statisticians is very, very small.

    As for a source, the NSF tracked Ph.D graduate’s for years. I’ll bet they still do. I used to get a follow up survey from them every few years. The data were broken down by race and gender.

  2. Interesting! Sounds like you might’ve been perusing the academic research articles from the folks over at ! Me too.

    The Color of Statistics is overwhelmingly pale! But I agree, most data sources under-represent minority statisticans. Also, most sources are specific to North America only. I looked for additional source data, very cursory search, and see that there isn’t much.

    For new math/ stats graduates by race, I’d suggest Helpful Links for Minority and International Students from Be An Actuary dot Org Actuary,

    Regarding minority data, may I suggest you include a category for women as well? Maybe it could be magenta-colored. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any source data.

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