Review- Iron Man2

Tony Stark is back! and he is cooler, with a hotter sidekick (Scarlett J),better villain (Mickey Rourke), cooler robots, and plus the same old winning sequel formula. Kind of like Matrix 2 had all the multiple Agent Smiths we get some multiple drone attacks versus Iron Man (or Men- as D Cheadle becomes the second Iron Man, stealing his suit – but whats an Iron Man suit between friends). Watch it- summer is here and can Hollywood Comic Book masala movies be far behind. I especially like the charming way Downey Jr and Rourke can fill the screen- thus proving better actors make even comic books more fun.

Author: Ajay Ohri

2 thoughts on “Review- Iron Man2”

  1. Just watched it yesterday (with my nephew and niece),
    I enjoyed it, although I like the first one more (contrary to some peoples review on the movie)


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