Dude, Where’s my Water!

A recent extract from the “independent” Times of India – privately owned and indeed the World’s largest newspaper in English


NEW DELHI: IPCC’s admission of getting its facts on Himalayan glaciers completely wrong has again brought out concerns about the use of science,

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and pseudo-science, to put pressure on India to take stronger action on climate change or to put greater responsibility for the climate crisis on it.

The ‘2035 demise’ date drawn by IPCC in its fourth assessment report for Himalayan glaciers was used very often to demand that India should take greater action to reduce its emissions in order to protect people from catastrophes like glacial melts and floods. Similarly, a ‘premature’ release of information on the so-called Asian Brown Cloud was used by several western NGOs and governments to pin the blame on the melting of glaciers and other climate change impacts on pollution from burning firewood and cow dung in India.

I had earlier pointed out the same based on my proximity to Oakridge , TN and some data ( see here-


on January 5

1) What is the expected date of melting of glaciers in Himalayas thus affecting sacred rivers like Ganges and also causing floods in densely populated Asia. How would nation states with shareable resources like Water react on the disputes, dams , hydro electricity and floods.

2) How would you count per capita CO2 consumption- Assume a Factory in China makes 3 tonnes of C02 every year but exports all its products to USA on Indian Cargo ship. Travel contributes another 1 tonne of C02 including air travel, visits etc.

As of now this will be counted as 3 tonne for China, 1 Tonne for India, X tonne for USA ? What is wrong in these assumptions

Indeed I gave a presentation ro senior Times Group People on using data which is available on my Linkedin profile with the Google Docs presentation at


Who is correct? The Indians or the Cowboys see NYT article


The nation’s top scientists and spies are collaborating on an effort to use the federal government’s intelligence assets — including spy satellites and other classified sensors — to assess the hidden complexities of environmental change. They seek insights from natural phenomena like clouds and glaciers, deserts and tropical forests.

Not a coincidence this comes close on the National Security Function in India coming totally revamped


The exit of M K Narayanan as national security advisor has set the stage for a significant re-ordering of UPA-2’s power structure with

home minister P Chidambaram set to gain fuller control of internal security reducing the role of the next NSA to foreign policy.

Debate and discussion between the freest and largest democracy are welcome steps.

But who is right?

Is climate change negotiations also a proxy for negotiation on terror co operation- as pointed out by me the Sikhs and Indians remain the only forces to be in Kabul (respectively the Sikhs  in recent (late 18th-19th Century) Source- A Brief History of Sikhs and ancient history ( 8 th Century AD) while Churchill’s memoirs in Young Winston talk of the stellar role of the Indian Army in Afghanistan or NWFP. Remember we have been here before- the Bush Administration negotiated and failed to get Indian troops in Iraq in 2004 over lack of monetary negotiations- the Indians turned to be right on true costs!

Are the Chinese or the Americans using India’s insecurities as a proxy?

ps- on Movies Why was Shekhar Kapur’s ( The Oscar nomianted director of Elizabeth ) documentary Paani stopped due to funding issues?

How can ice melting in North Pole lead to lack of water. Do water projections measure that rainwater harvesting has been low in India and ancient Indian religion is okay with Saraswati as one dis appeared river. If the Ganges dries up- the people in India may riot or may just blame it on sin and build smaller rain water dams.

Dude, Where’s my water? When is it gonna go ?

Author: Ajay Ohri


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