Google and Me on Privacy and Openness

Finally, I have to admit it, Google Rocks. Check the video above on the website if it does not show in your inbox.

The Google Privacy Centre is much needed.

ps I resigned yesterday from the Technology Advsiory Board of University of Tennessee protesting the inferior solution to giv away everything to Microsoft on a platter without even evaluating Google Wave for the Volunteers., or even having an Open Source Lab for two computers even when I asked for it months ago.

Lastly I apologize for the sometimes spelling and grammar mistakes in my blog to the readers- I found out that I may be suffering from a mild learning disorder ( a bit like dylexia – adrenal glan tests are still awaited). It  which was untreated for almost 32 years as I was in relatively bad health care for most of my life..

The Google Privacy Centre is at

Author: Ajay Ohri

2 thoughts on “Google and Me on Privacy and Openness”

  1. The irony here is that UT does have Ubuntu (and Open Office, etc.) available on every machine in our Engineering lab. I requested it for our Intro to Linux workshop in August. The person who installed it got transferred in a major reorganization before he remembered to tell anyone he had done it. If you get over to the lab in Perkins, the menu choice is VMware> VMware Player> Ubuntu. Cheers, Bob

    1. That is ironic, but as a engineer, it is not my job to ensure proper communication between organization silos. I hope the Open lab becomes a part of library instead of just departments or seperate buildings to encourage exploring of Ubuntu among young people. Young students have the right to be exposed to all kinds of software and then choose , rather than just do what the doctors in university prefer Macs or Windows. True to my heritage, the only thing I can do is protest silently. Hope this will help create an Open Source Lab in University just like a Stat lab.

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