Innovative ways of Calculus: Gifting a comic set for Christmas

If you though understanding Calculus was OMG so Freaking Tough-
here is an Artistic Way to read and improve your Maths.
Why Improve Maths.
Helps you while watching football and baseball with your BFF.

Helps you choose a very good looking mobile with an inexpensive mobile plan.
Helps you calculate the mortgage and credit card rates while reading the fine print.

Helps you get the Insurance or Health Insurance with

lowest premium over highest approval

Nopes- Maths is easy and inexpensive. You can read this for just 75 dollars. All six comics. Or gift it to someone you love who is having trouble with maths.
Screenshot Citation-

Manga Guides ( courtesy Japanese Civilization)
No Starch Press – helped by O Reilley Media Since 2004.
Sarah Blow- Founder of Girlly Geek Dom ( UK Based) ( )
Ajay Ohri- Founder of Dude of Data (KN, TN)  ( )

Author: Ajay Ohri

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