The Big Data Event- Why am I here?

I am here braving New York’s cold weather, as I prepare for this evening’s events. If you follow this blog closely ( including the poems) ,it is a welcome change— New York is a nice city people are friendly if you ask them nicely and the bus is a great way to watch the city – best of all I like the crowds which I have grown used while living in India.

Why Am I here?

Because the topics that are discussed here are cutting edge to the point that I cannot find anyone willing to teach me Hadoop and Map-Reduce while in University and at the same time teach me statistics on them as well ( as in how do we do a K Means clustering on a 1 terabyte dataset).

I asked the organizers on what makes the event special ( every event promises special Mojo after all).

This is what they said-

What is the unique value proposition of the event that will help developers and both current and potential customers-

The essence of the event is to explore new innovations in massively-parallel processing data warehousing technology and how it can help companies gain more insight from their data.  Applications include fraud detection, behavioral targeting, social network analysis, better predictions/forecasting, bioinformatics, etc.  We are exploring how MapReduce and Hadoop can be integrated into the enterprise IT system to help evolve data warehousing/BI/data mining

and to put it even more nicely’

The industry’s first big data event, Big Data Summit ‘09, being held this evening in New York City, will showcase Hadoop’s fit with MPP data warehouses. Aster Data will be presenting alongside Colin White, President and Founder of BI Research, Mike Brown of comScore Inc., and Jonathan Goldman, who represents LinkedIn.”

That’s good enough for me to drop into Roosevelt Hotel on East 45th Street at around 6 pm for some reluctant networking ( read: beers). 5 years ago whie working for GE , I used to run queries using SAS on a 147 million row database (the size of the DB) and wait 3 hours for it to come back. Today that much data fits very snugly in my laptop. How soon will we have Terabyte level personal computing, and Petabyte level business computing and the challenges it poses to standard statistical assumptions and synching of hardware and software- Big Big Data is an interesting area to watch.

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