Understanding Map/Reduce

if you think Map/Reduce was another buzz word that some boys cooked up while in their cheerless lab in Stanford, you need to take another deeper, hard look at the technology that will promise to overthrow current industry dynamics in the Big Data category.

Here is a white paper by Aster Data alumni- Aster has the same pedigree as Google and is on it’s way to make other Big Data companies into Kilo Data and Mega Data.

One of the best things of this paper is it actually helps answer the question – which all other databases are there and how does M/R compare with them.




VLDB ’09 2009, Lyon, France. Copyright 2009 VLDB Endowment, ACM 0000000000000/00/00.


View more documents from ajayohri.

A special thanks to Tasso CTO, Aster Data for pointing this paper to me. SQL/ MR turned 1 year old on August 25 this year.

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