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From a Zementis Newsletter- interesting advances on the R on the cloud front. Thanks to Rom Ramos for sending this, and I hope Zementis and some one like Google/ Biocep team up so all I need to make a model is some data and a browser. 🙂

The R Journal – A Refereed Journal for the R Project Launches

As a sign of the open source R project for statistical computing gaining momentum, the R newsletter has been transformed into The R Journal, a refereed journal for articles covering topics that are of interest to users or developers of R.  As a supporter of the R PMML Package (see blog and video tutorial), we are honored that our article “PMML: An Open Standard for Sharing Models” which emphasizes the importance of the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) standard is part of the inaugural issue.  If you already develop your models in R, export them via PMML, then deploy and scale your models in ADAPA on the Amazon EC2 cloud. Read the full story.

Integrating Predictive Analytics via Web Services

Predictive analytics will deliver more value and become more pervasive across the enterprise, once we manage to seamlessly integrate predictive models into any business process.  In order to execute predictive models on-demand, in real-time or in batch mode, the integration via web services presents a simple and effective way to leverage scoring results within different applications.  For most scenarios, the best way to incorporate predictive models into the business process is as a decision service.  Query the model(s) daily, hourly, or in real-time, but if at all possible try to design a loosely coupled system following a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Using web services, for example, one can quickly improve existing systems and processes by adding predictive decision models.  Following the idea of a loosely coupled architecture, it is even possible to use integration tools like Jitterbit or Microsoft SQL Service Integration Services (SSIS) to embed predictive mode ls that are deployed in ADAPA on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud without the need to write any code.  Of course, there is also the option to use custom Java code or MS SQL Server SSIS Scripting for which we provide a sample client application.  Read the full story.

About ADAPA®:

A fast real-time deployment environment for Predictive Analytics Models – a stand alone scoring engine that reads .xml based PMML descriptions of models and scores streams of data. Developed by Zementis – a fully hosted Software-as-a Service (SaaS) solution on the Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud.  It’s easy to use and remarkably inexpensive starting at only $0.99 per instance hour.

Author: Ajay Ohri


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