Advertisements @ Decisionstats

Decision Stats will soon run advertisements to cover expenses.

It costs a flat fee of XXX$ per month with a minimum 3 month contract but I am looking at other advertisers.

Advertising will be on first come first served basis but only non competing advertisers are allowed.

Non open source supporting companies may not be welcome at all.

For exclusive advertising on the blog picture it will be YYY$ a month with no other commercial advertisers with a minimum 3 month contract. For a bigger duration exclusive contract- the price can be adjusted further.

Advertisements will be pictures of the size of the images on and would need a minimum of three separate graphic pictures for advertisers ( as they rotate).

I would work with the creative team to ensure size as well as clarity of pictures. It will also be in the form of Videos in the same space. Contact me at to get special discounted rates on XXX and YYY above


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Also see some numbers for size of Decisionstats Community

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Linkedin Group Members: 794
Facebook Fans: 52
Google Analytics Monthly Count: 3,147 Visits 5,565 Pageviews

Some Charts for Transparent Statistics is what this site is all about


( As you can see Google Adsense ads on right margin seem to be quite very relevant already to the content :)) Goggle named it AD SENSE , but sometimes it is AD HOC SENSE

Author: Ajay Ohri

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