Creating Online Communities

Sometime back I had asked the question- How much do you think would it be to have the top 100 bloggers on SAS language on the same page, in a manner that the RSS feeds get updated on their own. The answer is here-

Wordframe. I had covered this software before in comparison to and they proved favorable.

This is a small startup, East Europe based and very hard working. They allegedly wanted to become open source and had plans to create third party applications when I checked with them in January but this may be on hold for a new product launch.

Would pay for 1000$ set up fee and 200$ monthly fee for getting the top 100 SAS bloggers on their website.

Would oracle pay for 1000$ set up fee and 200$ monthly fee for getting the top 100 Oracle bloggers on a website sponsored by them.

How much would Aster Data pay for say 100 bloggers about Hadoop ( ahem- assuming there are 100 people who CAN blog about Hadoop- a bit like Einstein’s 5 people in the world can understand his theory of relativity).

Check this site out.


Author: Ajay Ohri

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