SPSS launches two more PASWs

Just got news from the Chicago school of analytics, or the company known as SPSS. they have decided to lauch two more PASW products and you can see this from the release itself.

SPSS Inc. and the value of Predictive Analytics.

This week we announced PASW Data Collection 5.6 feedback management and survey research software, and PASW Collaboration & Deployment Services 4, our integrated platform to share, manage, automate and integrate analytic assets directly into business processes.

PASW Data Collection 5.6 (formerly Dimensions)

* The use of surveys to capture Voice of the Customer across multiple touch-points is integral to bringing data about peoples attitudes into analytical decision-making to improve customer intimacy.
* PASW Data Collection 5.6 supports the entire survey lifecycle from authoring to managing the data collection process to survey reporting and analysis supporting global, multichannel research and feedback collection.
* New functionality includes data entry capabilities, an enhanced authoring interface suitable for the novice and the research professional, and new phone-based interviewing capabilities designed to shape the modern survey research call center. This release also further extends the enterprise readiness of the data collection platform with enhancements to performance and security.

You can read the press release at http://www.spss.com/press/template_view.cfm?PR_ID=1088

PASW Collaboration and Deployment Services 4 (formerly Predictive Enterprise Services)

* The platform automates analytical processes for greater consistency and control, and deploys results to business users, consumers or directly into operational systems to reduce customer churn, improve marketing campaigns or identify cases of fraud.
* PASW Collaboration and Deployment Services 4 provides the foundation to integrate analytics into key business processes, so the right decisions are made and the best actions are taken on a consistent, repeatable basis.
* New functionality includes enhanced collaboration capabilities that provide more options for publishing analytical results; enhancements to the Automation Service with additional integration options; and a Real-time Scoring Service to deploy analytical scores into existing applications.

You can read the full press release at http://www.spss.com/press/template_view.cfm?PR_ID=1087

Author: Ajay Ohri


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