Strategic Tactics in Sanskrit/Hinduism

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I have used the word Hinduism in the title tag, but it may be interchangeably used by the word India. Hinduism remains the world’s only religion without a founder and also with the maximum number of Gods including gods of Nature, and was in existence long before the Egyptians, and Romans came and died. Most people end up taking the religion they were born into, without knowing what it means- Hinduism is a melting pot and a philosophy.

It has nothing in common with the people who try and market it for profit.

Here are some techniques for Strategy in Sanskrit

1) Sam ( Pronounced as Saahm) – Praise someone to gain their favor.

“Excellent Job”- Terrific- Wow

2) Dam ( Pronounced as Daahm)

Offer money to baser monetary instincts

3) Dand ( Pronounced as Dund)

Punish the person by denying him what he thinks he deserves.

4) Bhed ( Pronounced as Bhaid)

Provoke the target’s jealousy and envy by praising someone else in his presence or ignoring him.

The definitive manuscript for strategy was written by Kautilya and here is a paper from a University that refers to it-

Other counterparts are Machievelli in Italy, Clausewitz and the concise Art of War by Tzu Su of the other great civilization China.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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