Bi , Ba and Bs

Business intelligence is an over-used term that has had its day, and business analytics is now the differentiator that will allow customers to better forecast the future especially in this current economic climate.Business intelligence doesn’t make a difference to the top or bottom line, and is merely a productivity tool like e-mail.

Quote from Jim Davis ,

SAS Institute Inc.’s senior vice-president and chief marketing officer.

Pigeon-holing one element or another as backward-looking and another as forward-looking doesnt even make much marketing sense, let alone being a tenable intellectual position to take. I think it is not unreasonable to expect more cogent commentary from the people at SAS than Mr Davis recent statements.

Post from Peter Thomas, Business Intelligence Guru.

Bottom line, it’s all fluff. I don’t like the term business analytics; it doesn’t tell me anything. Frankly, I think business intelligence as a term is downright laughable, too. What does that mean?

Post from Neil Raden Founder of Hired Brains

Here are my views on this

  • Is the distinction pure branding or semantics. Or is it rebranding  because SAS is the leader and the biggest business analytics and would not be the biggest business intelligence vendor- thus marking a tactical and aggressive shift in their strategy –
  • Also SAS remains the largest independent private business and the recent consolidation in this industry could be unsettling to people who want to keep it independent.
  • Ultimately customers vote with the cheque books –

call it business intelligence, business analytics or business as usual.

Bi,ba or bs

Author: Ajay Ohri

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