Guns and No Glory

Beginning henceforth here is the policy on comments and posts.It is in response of the comments on my “A Farewell to Guns “ post in which I projected my Gandhian non violence too far in suggesting the remote possibility of  a ban on guns based on Alabama and Germany events.

  1. No more political posts (including on India) or poems (including funny) will be imposed on this blog or unsuspecting readers.*
  2. I use an offline blogging system called Windows Live Writer and do not go to approve the comments online (requires me to login to word press and manually do it). All comments are read via email settings and feedback incorporated.Comments sometimes get deleted within 7 days because of auto settings (like me not going and logging in to WordPress for 7 days) not because I am ignoring anything
  3. You didn’t like the “Guns” article – you have the right to say so on the comments page. You didn’t like the R article or the package–comments page please.
  4. Read Page “Fine Print” . I use a professional analytics tracking system which I pay for every month- it tracks Ip address ,Ip provider, organization, location, time, country, with an integrated Google maps that allows me to see which block the material entered the net.Writing offensive comments from your work computer is not a great idea- not with the angry one.Not if you are……
  5. I never use the analytics system for individuals unless the comments are ghastly. Then I delete the comments and don’t use the analytics system for individuals.
  6. Akismet for spam will catch and has caught multiple attempts at malware linking and spamming.It will do so.
  7. Anonymous comments are not anonymous as explained above.

A blog on Decision Stats should quote political statements only when accompanied with statistics. or better still nothing but the statistics.So it will be.

*They will be posted on

Author: Ajay Ohri

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