Interview- BI Dashboards dMINE Sanjay Patel

If you have ever felt frustrated in  knowing business metrics in your or your client organization, negotiated with a host of either legacy applications that don’t talk to each other or good solutions that cost more than the benefit they bring a young man from India has a solution for you. With a total implementation time range of 1-6 weeks and costs to as low as 10,000 USD for Enterprise WIDE implementation , Dmine promises to shake things up. Here is an interview with the co founder of this startup.


Ajay- Describe your career journey. What advice would you give to  new entrepreneurs in this recession.

Sanjay- Geared with an M. Tech from BITS Pilani, and MBA from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management, Mumbai, in 2000 I teamed up with Praveen Wicliff and  ventured to start our own  Product company with a focus to deliver critical enterprise solutions  and the company has now grown to a strong team of 100 innovative minds. My current mission is to make Icicle a strong leader in business driven Software Products across all segments with the best of the delivery capabilities.
Recession is a trying time for most people and this is one phase which brings out the best in everyone as most of the innovative solutions are floated during this phase. My only suggestion would be to move from emotional connect with customers to direct tangible benefits, stay focussed on cash flow, aim high, set your goals & targets and never give up on any of these. Even in the darkest moments, find the faith to keep going.

Ajay- One more Dashboard Solution. How is dMine different from it’s competitors. What are the principal competitors.

Sanjay- If you just plainly look at dMine you would see that dMine is just another Dashboard solution but what makes dMine different from all other competitive products is its intuitiveness and User friendly features which help even the Business users to use the product most effectively.


dMine is positioned as a product for Business Users and not for IT team. Unlike other Dashboard or BI products dMine can create Dashboards in just 3 easy steps:

1- IT team connects to Data-sources & Creates Business Views

2- Users can create Dashboards & Charts with dMine’s Intuitive interface

3- Users can share Dashboards & schedule Emails in PDF or PPT

The potent combination of best-of-class looking Comprehensive Graphical and Analytical reports, Easier representation and Interpretation of Key Business Data, Integrates data from multiple systems on a single chart and / or Dashboard for real-time Analysis, all these, with minimized IT overheads is a unique proposition from us. See dMine-in-action on and you will know the difference.

Ajay- What is the area where dMine would not be suited for dashboards.Suppose I have data for 200,000 rows x 40 columns – would dMine work for me .

dMine is positioned as a pure Dashboard product that does not implement a complete BI stack which requires to work on Transactional Data to create cubes and universe.

We look beyond Data warehouses and Datamarts and emphasize on summarized data to deliver key business performance metrics with high focus on Data Visualization.

The idea here is to target the Business Executives who would see these Dashboards and they are not interested in Transactional Data but the overall performance hence the summarized Data.

Here the summarized Data could be in the form of any RDBMS Database, Flat Files, Spreadsheets, Analytics output, Cubes or Universe. We Support almost 16 Database vendors in the market starting from as small as MS Access to as big as DB2.

Ajay- What is the pricing strategy of dMine . Any other products or complements that you are thing about. Name some customer case studies or big wins.

Sanjay- dMine pricing strategy is very simple and is based keeping in mind that the product can be used by customers in the SME/SMB segment or even at the Enterprise level.

Currently we are offering dMine in two forms

  • firstly On-Premise and
  • second one as a Hosted service.

In an on-premise version, dMine has a Product License fee and per user license fees issued separately.

At additional cost you can have loads of Add-on goodies catering to various needs of the customers. All the cost mentioned above are just one time.

The Hosted version, is on a monthly subscription model where the cost is decided based on the various parameters like the usage of Bandwidth, Server configuration, Disk space etc. Very soon we will be enabled to the Amazon cloud service.

Typically for an on-premise version a smaller implementation just at a corporate level with Dashboard access to only few top executives would cost anywhere between 10,000 USD to 16,000 USD plus the implementation cost which is on actuals plus Applicable taxes.

For larger implementation like for e.g in BFSI segment where you need to roll-out user licenses to all the branch managers in addition to the top executives the total User licenses goes to a few 100 licenses. Usually the implementation period is as low as a week and not more than 6 weeks.

Few of the Customers using dMine are some of the Marketing Analytics companies that use the product for submitting the final report of their Marketing / Customer Analysis to their end customers.


Case Study Summary

We recently implemented dMine at a leading FM Radio channel to monitor the performance across its radio stations spread all over India.

The client being a major player in the media and communication space has to constantly monitor all their stations for their entire  operations like Revenues from sponsors, Peak and Non-Peak time Inventory & Sales, Market Share & Channel Ranking, P&L, Forecasts and other critical informations.

Currently the client uses multiple Applications for supporting these business functions which capture data in different databases and sources. The MIS-reports were manually created by extracting data from multiple sources in spreadsheets. These spreadsheets are distributed among the management, with a turn around time of about 15 days.

The dMine solution implemented, collates information from multiple data sources like ERP and Sales systems including lots of Spreadsheets. More than 70 Metrics (KPI’s) and Analytics are defined for the Client and now the management has access to these information whenever they require.

All these metrics are identified as critical and are categorized under 5 Dashboards  – Organizational KPI, Financial Dashboard, Sales Dashboard, Market Share
& Metrics Dashboard and Operational Dashboard. The Metrics are parameterized and drill-downs allows the management to get the source of issue/problem rapidly.

The implementation of dMine Business Dashboard product helped the client in effectively monitoring business operations, KPIs, and organizational performance.Making actionable and Real-time information available on-demand for the decision Makers and Operational Managers, has also helped in taking any timely critical business decisions, all these while minimizing IT overhead cost. The short implementation time lines also allows the users to see the benefits quite quickly and achieve the ROI within 1 to 3 months time. The detailed case study is readily available for your reference at our website .

Ajay-  Do you read or write blogs. What do you think about the Web 2.0 paradigm for social and community marketing.

Sanjay –I do read and write lots of blogs and am myself a member with quite a few groups that share interest in the virtual community. Web 2.0 provides a platform of many-to-many communications and in its social sense is based on the principles of collaboration & sharing, information & content putting social interaction at heart of it all.

A recent study by Fox Interactive Media reveals that 40% of social network users rely on social media outlets to learn more about brands and products. Whether youre a freelancer promoting your own brand or part of a company, social media marketing is an essential component of an integrated campaign. If you are looking to startup new business, launch a new product & services or even expand your presence you cannot miss-out on the eMarketing process focusing on three prong strategy i.e. social networking sites, your own website, and the blogosphere these will help empower your brand and positively convey your message.

Ajay Sanjay Patel is an experienced entrepreneur with Icicle Technologies and the Dmine dashboard is currently winning rave reviews ( see ) . Heres wishing luck to Mr Patel for the summarized data dashboard that can be a game changer at


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