Learning SAS for SPSS Users

SAS Publishing just came out with a nice and nifty 28 page pdf document “ Coming To SAS FROM SPSS – A programming approach” Its a nice read, very useful for people curious or willing to try  SAS after learning SPSS, and very well written by Susan J Slaughter and Lora D , who have written “The Little SAS Book” , one of the most popular SAS handbooks ever written.


You can download it or plainly read it from


SPSS of course has very nice menu driven setting, while SAS programmers generally prefer the scripting way of writing code- they do have menus in various products.

Author: Ajay Ohri


2 thoughts on “Learning SAS for SPSS Users”

  1. SAS or SPSS

    Overall Functionality: SAS provides better access to specialized and multivariate procedures

    Platforms: SAS has more programming power in its base language. SPSS for windows provides a powerful, and unrelated, scripting language. SAS can be used across platforms (Connect & Share). SPSS cannot provide this. SAS seems to have better data base connectivity. Both offer warehousing products. The product from SAS is award winning.

  2. SPSS has a book, Programming and Data Management for SPSS Statistics 17.0: A Guide for SPSS Statistics and SAS Users that has been updated annually for about five years. It can be downloaded as a PDF file from

    Besides a wealth of information on, well, programming and data management with SPSS Statistics, it includes a 35-page chapter entitled

    SPSS Statistics for SAS Programmers.

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