Give yourself a Tax Rebate:Google Docs and other stuff you already knew

If I remember correctly, the last time that the US government sent mail in checks to many people, the tax rebate was as low as 300$. You can save yourself much more that , by doing the following-

1) Switch to Ubuntu Linux at

2) Use only Google Docs from (keep data securely online) and Open Office (which comes with Ubuntu above or at

3) Use a trusted anti virus solution from AVG ( ) Hesitant , well it happens to be the most downloaded software on CNET’s

4) Insist on these freeware with your IT department and at your store even if your new laptop or PC comes bundled with other software . Those costs are embedded within your hardware costs.

5) Start using more Amazon EC2 if you are a large data user at office.

6) Use R for analytics work instead of the hugely expensive analytical closed source programs. Here is the easy to learn GUI . See book on that from the right sidebar or at .

Chances are you just saved yourself more than 1000$ per head by doing this.If you used option 5 and 6, the savings could be even more substantial running into tens of thousands of dollars.

If you have to CHOOSE between saving costs , maybe saving your job or even your subordinates job, OR making Bill Gates richer so he can give away YOUR money away to charity, what would you choose ? The time is RIGHT NOW.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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