Yahoo Finance Analysis

Sector Chosen -Indian Outsourcing Sector since past two years compared to Benchmark Indices in both India and US

Interestingly the sector destroyed more value even after compensating for Financial Sector Recent Crisis -Partly because it suffered from currency uncertainity ,and macro economic uncertainities of two countries India and US. GE which did a deal to sell a big stake in Industry leader earlier at 12 USD per share seems to have a made a wise bet, and so did British Airways which exited at time of WNS’s IPO. The rest of investors who have either invested long or short seemed to have lost value. With new added economic uncertainities , and political backlash to unfettered tax break enabled offshoring – Are India’s outsourcing glory days over ? Or is it just a maturing of the Industry with the hype factor taken out of the P/E Multiples of Indian Outsourcing Companies.


Screen shot courtesy of Yahoo Finance – which remains the leader in beautiful financial graphical tools for finance at

Author: Ajay Ohri

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